ZoogVPN Windows v5.2 released – VPN Kill Switch

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a new major ZoogVPN app update v5.2 with introduction of a Kill Switch feature for Windows. To download new version go to VPN for Windows page.

VPN Kill Switch feature
New Feature – VPN Internet Kill Switch

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

While we believe that our VPN service is among the fastest and most reliable services on the market, a VPN in general is not 100% failproof. The VPN connection like any other network related connectivity occasionally has it’s dropouts and this can be of serious concern for privacy.

A dropped VPN connection can leave your real IP address leaked and exposed to the outside world. In most cases users are rarely aware of these dropouts since a good VPN will automatically reconnect. However, for the very short period of time when it is not connected your real IP is exposed and is potentially visible to a 3rd party.

Most VPN providers do not take this seriously enough and do not have any means of protecting users from such cases thus compromising privacy and security. However, there is a solution for this which only top providers like ZoogVPN implement. This feature is called ‘VPN Kill Switch’.

How does VPN Kill Switch work?

vpn kill switch
VPN Kill Switch safeguards your real IP

When it comes to a VPN Kill Switch think of it as your ultimate fail safe as it blocks all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic in case if VPN connection drops, safeguarding your cyber identity. ZoogVPN Kill Switch is a special feature that works like a firewall constantly monitoring your VPN connection and allowing Internet traffic to flow through the VPN while VPN is connected.

If for any reason your VPN connection drops, the Kill Switch is triggered and your Internet connection stops working. The KS then waits for the VPN to reconnect before enabling access to Internet once again. Whenever the VPN is not connected and KS is ON, Internet access will not be available, so if you wish to resume access to Internet, simply turn OFF the Kill Switch in the Settings screen. This feature is designed to only allow connections to the Internet of our VPN protocols and works with IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP. As a result, your data and real IP address will never be exposed to your ISP or any 3rd party.

TIP: To turn ON the KS go to Settings –> Kill Switch and slide the switch ON. To turn it OFF simply slide the slider OFF.

Please also note that if you have any Manual API resolution IPs in place you will need to re-enter them in the Preferences screen to carry on using the app.

We hope the new release with VPN Kill Switch will be welcomed by our users and we’re happy to hear of any feedback or suggestions on it.

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