A Basic Guide to the Optimization of your VPN Connection

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Optimize Your VPN Connection for a Better Viewing Experience

There are people around the world who are practically forced to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because they can’t access all the things on the Internet. The authorities there have decided to ban some of the most popular Internet services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there are certain services, like many online streaming services including Hulu, HBO Now, Netflix and BBC iPlayer to name but a few, that are available only in certain parts of the world like USA, Canada and the United Kingdom for example. The good news is that there are many good VPN providers like ZoogVPN that offer simple to set up packages which you can download and install on your computer or mobile device and enjoy all the restricted online content. ZoogVPN is providing secure and fast connection for all of their users, but still some of them are losing significant amount of internet speed because of their bad computer configuration and other non-VPN related issues. So, if you are interested in optimizing your VPN connection, you should definitely try some of the tips listed below. Keep in mind that these tips are not necessary for those who don’t have any problems with their VPN service. In other words, don’t try to optimize your VPN connection when everything is running smoothly.

Selecting the Most Efficient Gateway

Most of the popular VPN service providers, usually allow users to pick from numerous gateways in different geographic locations. Most of them are focused on USA and Europe. What you need to do is to look for high-throughput and low=latency solutions. These factors are usually directly related, but there are situations when they are not. Latency is a measurement that is important for VoIP, gaming and web browsing. It is really easy to measure latency on a computer. This is actually the procedure to measure the ping time. You can use the command prompt to measure it. Remember that websites that are hosted far from your location will provide higher ping, so this is quite normal. Throughput is a measurement that cannot be measured with conventional tools. The best way to test this is to use some streaming service and see whether the video or audio content is running without any long buffering periods and freezes. If the content runs uninterrupted then everything is all right.

One final advice about this activity – don’t rely on speed tests. Surely, they can provide some basic info and they can be used as a starting point to figure out what is wrong with the connection, but they are not very precise.

Connection Time Concerns

It is always a good idea to choose small authentication key size if you want to establish a VPN connection faster. However, not all VPN service providers allow users to choose the length of the key. Keep in mind that the encryption key size is different than authentication key size. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that a faster Internet connection and faster CPU will cut the connection time. Try using your VPN directly on your device instead of using the router because this can slow down the connection.

Stabilizing and Keeping the Connection

First of all, you will need to select a VPN server with the smallest amount of packet loss. It is not unusual to find servers with 0% loss. In addition, certain firewalls and even certain low-quality wireless routers may decrease the VPN’s full potential. It is very difficult to use the full speed of the VPN when it faces such obstacles. Another good advice is to select an internet provider that provides the fastest internet connection in your country. Needless to say, they also must provide stable internet connection. Finally, if you use a wireless router, make sure that you are in the best place.

Checking Your Settings

There are many people who make the same mistake and try to tweak their DNS. This is wrong because it can completely ruin your connection even if you have some experience when it comes to DNS. In order to make sure that you are using the best VPN, use the services of a well-known provider like zoogvpn.

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