What is DD-WRT? – Everything You Need To Know


Understanding DD-WRT – A Quick Guide

Regardless of which router you may have, it comes with a specific type of firmware. This is a set of commands that controls how your router performs. More importantly, it also directly impacts your router’s security capabilities. DD-WRT firmware is one of the most prevalent worldwide and is a type of firmware we support for direct VPN installation on a router. So, how does DD-WRT work, and how secure is it on a base network connection? We’ll answer these and other important questions in the latest Zlog post.

What is DD-WRT?

Before we go deeper into the details of DD-WRT firmware, let’s quickly address it in more detail. The “DD” part of the name refers to the German city of Dresden, where this technology was developed. The “WRT” abbreviation stands for “wireless router”. 

DD-WRT firmware is the most widespread firmware for routers and offers great performance characteristics compared to other router firmware. More precisely, it’s designed to provide great speed and performance capabilities without compromising any security features.

Pros And Cons of DD-WRT Routers

Advantages of DD-WRT Routers

The list of advantageous reasons why you should have DD-WRT firmware on your router is very long. That said, we’ll focus on a handful of the most notable advantages:

  • Firewall – This firmware comes with a very solid and robust firewall. What’s more, the firewall is very customizable. This allows you to create strong protection and block any unauthorized access attempts.
  • IPv6 – IPv6 is the way of the future and will entirely replace IPv4 down the line. DD-WRT routers have a significant benefit over other types of routers because they easily run IPv6, effectively future-proofing your network for years to come.
  • Great Range – DD-WRT routers generally have an above-average Wi-Fi range. This is because they allow you to tailor and adjust your router antenna’s broadcasting power.
  • Supports VPN Use – Not all router firmware supports VPN use. This is potentially a deal-breaker for every privacy-conscious user who wants to install a Virtual Private Network on a non-DD-WRT router. Luckily, if you have a DD-WRT router, you’re good to go.
  • Performance Tracking Stats – DD-WRT firmware is very comprehensive and provides you with extensive data about your network performance, stability, and any potential issues. This makes it easy for you to track and adjust your router’s performance.

Disadvantages of DD-WRT Routers

Like any other technology, DD-WRT firmware also comes with certain drawbacks. These include:

  • Potential Compatibility Issues – Not all routers are compatible with this firmware, and there’s no going around this drawback. If you want to use this firmware on your home network through your router, the only way to set it up is to purchase a new, compatible router.
  • Setting Up Can Be Challenging – If your router is compatible with DD-WRT but doesn’t currently feature it, you’ll have to install it. This can be challenging, and you can easily end up bricking your router. Plus, when you try to install custom firmware on a router, your router’s manufacturer will most likely void your warranty.

Should You Install a VPN On Your DD-WRT Router?

If you’ve just signed up with a VPN and want to cover your entire network at one go, installing the service on your router seems like the best way to go about it. It will automatically protect and keep private all devices that connect to your home network. But, is it a good idea?

The answer is a short and resounding – yes. As we’ve discussed above, the benefits of DD-WRT routers heavily outweigh the drawbacks. And, when coupled with a VPN’s privacy and encryption features, you can make your home network next to impossible for anyone to break in.

When you install a VPN on your router, you’ll encrypt all information that goes out and comes into your network. Nobody can see the sites you visit, the things you download, or your actual IP address. Moreover, you can enjoy powerful geo-unblocking features and access sites from all over the globe. 

Of course, for all of this to be true, you need to pick a reliable and safe VPN. At ZoogVPN, we offer you a premium VPN service at very affordable subscription costs. Our service is fully compatible with DD-WRT firmware and easy to set up. Sign up with ZoogVPN and secure your entire network through your router.

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