How To Delete Your Yahoo Account?

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In 2021, Apple and Google dominated making up almost 90 percent of the total email client market share. Yahoo’s share dwindled to less than 3 percent, which can explain why the quality of service has been so poor lately. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of your Yahoo account for good.

Yahoo is no stranger to poor user experience and drama. In 2013 the world saw possibly the worst data breach of all time when the accounts of all 3 billion Yahoo users and its subsidiaries at the time (Flickr, Tumblr) were hacked. This scandal lit the match at a gas station for Yahoo and helped Google become the biggest email platform.

Yahoo was once at the forefront of technology, being one of the pioneers of the web, but the internet colossus saw a rapid decline in the late 2000s. The company was first sold to Verizon for $4.5 billion in 2017 and then resold in 2021 to Apollo Global Management after the American telecommunications giant failed to accomplish digital marketing goals and win over the audience of Google and Facebook.

How do I delete my Yahoo account?

Enough with the chatter, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of why you’ve come to this page. The process of deleting your Yahoo account is pretty straightforward.

  1. Click the following link and log in to your account:
  2. Carefully read the included information before deleting your account, then press Continue deleting my accountHow To Delete Your Yahoo Account?
  3. Enter your Yahoo ID and then press Yes, terminate this accountHow To Delete Your Yahoo Account?

Voila! Your account is closed, and you have 30 days to reactivate it if you change your mind. If you choose not to reactivate your account and want it gone for good, then just do not log in for 30 days and your Yahoo account will be deleted forever.

We suggest you read the disclaimer provided by Yahoo prior to deleting your account, as you may want to keep some of your private information saved from the services of Yahoo, Flickr, and Yahoo Mail Pro. You might also want to get rid of all paid subscriptions to various Yahoo services so that you don’t get charged for services you no longer utilize.

How do I delete my Yahoo account on an Android or iOS device?

The same method we’ve previously shown works just as good on your mobile device in a web browser of your choice. The current version of the Yahoo app for Android does not have the option to delete your Yahoo account.

How do I recover my Yahoo account?

Well, this is where it gets tricky. In order to be able to recover your Yahoo account, you’ll need a confirmation code from your backup email account linked with your Yahoo account so you can reset your password. You will also need a secret code sent to your backup email in case you have the correct password from your Yahoo account but are greeted with the “unusual activity” message. Unfortunately, if you no longer can access your backup email, there’s not much you can do.

There is a paid customer support option for $4.99 a month, where you can address your issue. However, there are posts on Reddit stating that the paid customer support did not help resolve this problem and still charged for a call. If there was once an option to recover your account using the mobile phone number verification, now it just redirects you back to the paid support page.

There are countless threads on Reddit and Quora about not being able to log in to a Yahoo account even knowing the correct password. It’s ridiculous. Multiple users are locked out of their accounts if they don’t have access to their backup email addresses with the following message popping up: “We’ve noticed some unusual account activity. for your safety, choose a method below to verify that it’s really you signing in.” The choice is rather poor, considering you can only log in using the secret code sent to your backup email address. Needless to say that the main reason for this mishap is the infamous 2013 incident we’ve previously mentioned when the entire Yahoo user account data was hacked, including people’s names, birthdays, passwords, etc.
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