Must See TV Shows and Movies on Netflix This December



Check Out These Must-See Shows and Movies on Netflix this December

The world of on-demand online streaming media was changed forever when Netflix introduced their service a few years ago. So, it is not a big surprise why hundreds of thousands of Americans are subscribed to this service. Of course, the competition is now fiercer and many big networks have decided to start their own services similar to Netflix. However, Netflix remains to be among the top 3 platforms of this kind. If you are wondering how and why, you should definitely check their programming.

Must See TV Shows and Movies on Netflix this December

Unlike most of their rivals, Netflix actually starts to air some TV shows in December. Movie fans shouldn’t be worried because this practice won’t affect their viewing pleasure because they can still choose from dozens of attractive movie titles this December. Let’s begin with the TV shows first. The Adventures of Puss in Boots is obviously based on the popular story and although it is mostly directed toward children, adults can enjoy the adventures mixed with comedy too. The first season started in the beginning of 2015 and season 2 will be available on December 11 on Netflix. Children will once again be amazed by the abilities and skills of Puss in Boots.

Black Mirror is a TV anthology series that presents the dark and sometimes scary side of technology and life. December 1 is the date when Netflix users can watch the special White Christmas episode of Black Mirror. This is a special edition that lasts 90 minutes and keep in mind that this show is not suitable for children.

Broadchurch season 2 will also become available on December 1. This time we can watch the second season of this excellent crime/mystery TV show from the UK. For those who don’t know, Broadchurch is a crime TV show with 8 episodes per season in which the police investigates a mysterious murder of a young kid in a very small coastal town. As the story starts developing we can see that each member of this small community has some kind of vices and this tragic events leads to many complications in the relationships of people who live there.

TV show fans looking for something completely new should check Netflix on December 18. This is the day when they can watch F is For Family. It’s been a while since we have seen a good comedy, animation show and this might be the one according to the authors – comedian Bill Burr and Michael Price. The story is set in the 70s and portrays the lives of a middle class American family.

Another new TV show with an intriguing name Making a Murder will be aired on December 18. We still don’t have many details about this show, but we know that it is a documentary based on real events. A man who was accused for one crime and had to live with this accusation for 20 years is finally cleared of all guilt, but soon after that he is accused for committing other crime.

George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Paul Shaffer, Michael Cera, Bill Murray – these are only some of the celebrities that are part of this special musical shows simply called A Very Murray Christmas. Enjoy the acting, dancing and singing skills of these celebrities.

The list of movies that will be available in December on Netflix is very long, so it is very difficult to pick the best ones. We believe that Phoenix is a movie worth watching because of the interesting story. A woman that has survived the Nazi concentration camps is looking for her husband who betrayed her.

Another interesting movie from 2015 available on December 22 on Netflix is Queen of Earth. This is a simple story about two adult women who were very close in their childhood and their reunion in a lake house. Some other movies that deserve your attention are Leo the Lion, Drown, Invisible Sister, See you in Valhalla, Amnesiac and Stations of the Cross.

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