Do More VPN Servers Mean a Better Service?

VPN servers

The More VPN Servers The Better?

VPN’s are a very useful tool for every privacy and security advocate on the internet. But, the truth is that there is a lot of false and inaccurate information regarding this topic. And, as is most often the case, the customers are the ones who get the short end. In this week’s Zlog post we’ll dig a bit deeper into the unexplored topic of VPN servers in order to find out if more always means better.

What is a VPN Server and how Does it Work?

We all know that a VPN creates a secure tunnel around your internet connection, allowing you to fool both your ISP and the websites you visit. This is all operated through a VPN server, a combination of hardware and software configured with the VPN software. The server can be physically located anywhere in theworld, providing you with a remote connection.

So, does it mean the more the better? In short: yes and no. If the VPN has a large customer base, they will need more servers in order to maintain high connection speeds and avoid server overcrowding. On the other hand, if the VPN operates too many servers, their resources will get stretched out, meaning that the service will be spread too thin and that performance will suffer.

With all of this said, would you even need such a large number of VPN servers at your disposal? Of course, it’s nice knowing that you have hundreds of options to choose from. But if you have500 VPN servers, will you use each and every one of them? Or is it more likely that you’ll stick with a couple because you know they meet your needs and requirements?

In addition to this, a very large server network is hard to maintain, which means things will go wrong from time to time. The best VPN is the one that manages to balance between quality and quantity. You can use the VPN’s server information as a starting point, but there are more important factors to consider, which brings us to the next part of this article.

What’s Important to Keep in Mind When Choosing a VPN server?

The number of VPN servers might be the focal point of many VPN services, but it actually shouldn’t be the only aspect you take into account. Here are some things that are definitely worth researching when choosing the right VPN server for you:

Physical Distance Between You and the Server

As you probably know, the further the server is from your geographical location, the slower your connection will be. This is simply because it will take longer to process the data between you and the websites you’re accessing.

But, doesn’t this go into thefavor that more servers mean better service? Well, not necessarily, as it onlymeans that you should always look for the server closest to you. For example, if you’re located in Europe, you would enjoy much faster network speed if you connect to a server in Germany than you would if you connect to a server in the USA.

P2P File Sharing Options

If your main intention is to use a VPN for P2P file sharing, it’s most important to choose a server that offers P2P support. This can be tricky, as remember, P2P sharing is illegal in a lot of places. What you would ideally want to look for is a reliable VPN server based in a country that has lenientP2P laws. The second important reason you should pick a VPN that offers P2P-oriented servers is that these servers will be optimized for those type of activities, giving you better performance and results.

VPN Server Nodes

Efficiency over Numbers

There are countless of VPN’s that base their entire service around having hundreds or even thousands of VPN servers. It’s very important that you don’t only focus on the number of available server locations, but also on how reliable and proven the service is. Look for all of the features we’ve talked about in this article, as they are the ones that make the biggest difference between a great and an average VPN service.

At ZoogVPN we emphasize quality over quantity. By implementing a smaller number of servers, we don’t sacrifice efficiency for the sake of numbers. ZoogVPN offers you a worldwide blazing fast VPN server network. We have servers located all across the globe, with nodes in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Australia, and Japan. Our growing network of hand-picked, detailed and optimized servers is an ideal choice for all VPN enthusiasts. Sign up with ZoogVPN today or try our service completely for free, for an unlimited period of time.

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