VPN Users Feel Threatened and Confused by Port Forwarding Errors

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ZoogVPN Users Remain Safe Despite Port Forwarding Errors

It seems that torrent users have experienced a lot of difficulties because of the problems between OpenVPN, point-to-point tunneling protocol and Internet protocol security.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols come with a small weakness that can be used by hackers and cyber criminals to determine the real IP address of the user. Perfect Privacy is the VPN provider that has identified this potential security threat to VPN users. According to PP, this is actually a type of port fail that has an impact on virtual private networks that work with IPSec or PPTP or rely on the famous OpenVPN platform.

VPN service providers that have point forwarding services in their offer are in danger, but only if they have not used certain tools and techniques to prevent these weaknesses. What is interesting is that the cyber attackers must have an account with the same provider that is used by their target. After that, all they need to do is to lure the victim to open a website that is controlled by the hacker.

In case the abuser has activated port forwarding service for their account located on the same server, they will be able to detect the real Ip address of all the users found on that VPN server after they visit their website that actually transfers the traffic to a user-controlled port.

All the popular VPN providers have been informed about this potential cyber threat that can ruin their business. There are several service providers that have implemented some changes to protect their users. According to Perfect Privacy, torrent users are at greater risk because those who rely on port forwarding as default client port for their torrent activities don’t need to visit the hacker’s website.

Specialists in this field advise VPN service providers to activate certain firewall features that can prevent any abuse of their services and prevent exposure of client’s real IP addresses which is one of the main reasons why so many people use VPN services.

ZoogVPN remains to be a safe VPN service provider because we always implement the latest security solutions. All zoogvpn members are perfectly safe.

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