VPNs could be banned in France due to new Internet bill. What to do now?

france vpn ban

France, known for its vibrant culture and countless revolutions with calls for freedom, is currently at the center of yet another privacy scandal involving internet security and censorship. The Council of Ministers came up with a proposal aimed at regulating internet content, and the country’s government is considering implementing this controversial bill that could lead to a ban on VPN services. This move has sparked widespread concern among digital privacy advocates, businesses, and ordinary citizens alike. Let’s take a closer look at what happens in France now in this week’s article.

The famous LibertéÉgalitéFraternité motto seems to be losing the first part due to strict censorship and lack of freedom of speech.

What is SREN bill about?

The bill, popularly known as the SREN Bill (for “Securing and Regulating the Digital Space”), was originally designed to combat online scams, cyberbullying, and to protect children from harmful content. It’s a good cause, but the method might be not the best, as a lot of cybercrime has little to do with Internet privacy, but hindering people’s personal data may lead to a lot worse consequences. What’s even more bizarre, recent amendments proposed by the center-right political party have sparked controversy. The amendments aim to prevent VPN apps from enabling users to access internet networks outside the scope of French or European regulations.

The Implications of the Proposed Bill

The proposed amendments have raised questions about the feasibility and the potential impact on digital privacy and freedom. People argue that enforcing a ban on VPNs that connect to servers outside Europe is a complex task that could lead to far-reaching implications for French internet users. On the one hand, the amendments aim to address legitimate security concerns. On the other hand, they threaten to restrict vital tools for safeguarding digital privacy and enabling unrestricted internet access.

Either way, this bill hinders people’s privacy, especially those who are constantly traveling, expats, journalists, and many more users relying on VPN services to gain access to blocked websites or to protect their digital footprint from bad actors. When it comes to cybersecurity, one can hardly imagine what is this bill going to achieve when hundreds of thousands of users are exposed to hackers, scalpers, DDoS attacks and many more “pleasantries”.

The tech industry has voiced significant concerns about the proposed bill. Tech companies argue that VPNs are crucial for preserving privacy, ensuring security, and accessing a free and uncensored internet.

Some of our colleagues warned about the threats to the security and privacy of French citizens. They argue that prohibiting such technologies would violate individuals’ fundamental rights, which are central to France and European values. It appears that the famed French freedom of speech is a tale of the past in many instances. Privacy advocates have been closely watching the developments of this issue. They argue that VPNs are critical for safeguarding individual rights and privacy, and any move to restrict their availability raises serious questions about the impact on individual freedoms and digital privacy.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks offer an essential service in the modern digital era. They encrypt internet connections, thereby enhancing privacy, and spoofing user IP addresses to bypass censorship and other limitations. This capability allows users to access a free, uncensored internet, ensuring safety and security. Many people use VPNs for accessing restricted content like streaming services and social media websites, but others rely on VPNs in order to have a secure line for their field of work, like journalists, activists and political experts.

A VPN ban would not only impact citizens but also the business sector. VPNs are currently used by numerous companies and public bodies across France for secure communication. Such a ban could increase the scale and severity of cyberattacks targeting French companies, potentially impacting the entire French economy.

Authoritarian Internet

What France is proposing may lead them among other authoritarian states like China, Russia and Iran, where VPN usage is outlawed. These countries have either outlawed or heavily regulated VPNs, leading to restrictions on internet freedom and privacy. In order to access social media websites and unbiased media in these countries, they would have to rely on strong VPN services with capabilities of outmaneuvering strict restrictions imposed by the government. ZoogVPN is among these VPN services, that operate in heavily restricted countries like China and Iran. Read more about our way of providing safe and unrestricted internet in areas with heavy censorship.

The Importance of Getting a VPN Subscription Now

Considering the current situation, it’s crucial for French citizens and businesses to secure a VPN subscription now before any potential ban takes effect. One such reliable service provider is ZoogVPN.

ZoogVPN offers apk. and exe. installers for various platforms, allowing users to download the VPN directly, bypassing the Play Market or AppStore. This feature ensures that users can continue to enjoy the benefits of a VPN even if the proposed bill becomes law.

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As the situation evolves, it’s essential for French citizens and businesses to stay informed and prepare for any potential changes to their digital landscape. While the aim of the proposed bill is to enhance online safety, the potential consequences for digital privacy and internet freedom are significant. The future of this issue will undoubtedly continue to be closely watched by privacy advocates, internet users, and businesses worldwide.

As these developments unfold, securing a reliable VPN service like ZoogVPN is a proactive step that French internet users can take to safeguard their digital rights and freedoms. By securing a VPN subscription now, users can ensure uninterrupted access to a free and uncensored internet, regardless of any potential changes to the digital landscape in France.

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