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You Don’t Have to Be in the UK to Watch BT Sport

BT Sport is the brand name of a group of sports TV channels from the United Kingdom. It is part of the BT group and it started broadcasting programs about 2 years ago. This is also one of the most frequently used sources for watching sports events in the United Kingdom. Now let’s see what makes BT Sport so interesting.


One of the reasons why BT Sport is so popular is the fact that they have the broadcast right for the Premier League in the past three seasons. The Premier League has started about two months ago, but there is still a lot of time until this season is finished. This means that we will witness some very exciting matches in the following months. BT Sport will broadcast more than 38 live matches and it will also rerun some of the matches that were played. Those who love football will be thrilled to hear that BT Sport has also agreed on deals to broadcast The Champions League matches and some matches from the UEFA Europa League. In addition, they also air matches from the Scottish premier League, Seria A in Italy, Major League Soccer and Brasileirao.

Another reason why people like BT Sport is because they are not focused only on one sport. For instance, they have the exclusive right to broadcast Australian cricket team matches. When it comes to tennis, they are especially focused on women’s tennis and have the right to air more than 20 international WTA tournaments.

BT Sport can also air all the matches from Aviva Premiership, the best Rugby league. They also air the matches from the Rugby Champions Cup (Sky Sports has the same rights). What is interesting to mention about rugby and BT Sport is that the interest in rugby has significantly since BT Sport made this deal with the Rugby union. Motorsport plays a significant role in their programming too. They air the MotoGP event together with Moto2 and Moto3. V8 Supercars, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters and World Rally Championship are some other significant motorsport events broadcasted on BT Sport.

What is interesting is that although BT Sport can be viewed only in the United Kingdom and Ireland, this network is broadcasting some American sport matches too. They are covering NBA, NCAA, Major League Baseball and X Games for example.

Besides live matches, BT Sport has some very interesting magazine shows in their offer. Some of the most popular shows include: European Football Show, Rugby Tonight, SportsHUB, Boxing Tonight, The Football’s On, Life’s a Pitch, MotoGP Night etc.

How to watch BT Sport outside the UK

As we said before, BT Sport is officially available only in the UK. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to watch BT sport outside the UK. Of course, in order to do this you will need to find a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider like zoogvpn. Despite the unusual name, VPN can be used by any individual even by those who don’t have special knowledge in information technology and the internet.

BT Sport restricts the access to their platform in case you try to connect from abroad. They detect your IP address and simply block your device. However, with the help of a working VPN service, you will be able to cover your IP address with an IP address from the UK. So, whenever you need to watch some live match, you should turn on the application provided by ZoogVPN connect to a British server and watch the game. BT Sport won’t be able to detect your current address because as we said before the VPN services transforms your IP address into a British one.

Good VPN solutions like zoogvpn, allow their users to get IP addresses from many different countries. In other words, with our app, you can also view restricted websites based in the United States or Canada.

Keep in mind that not all VPN service providers are equal. What makes ZoogVPN stand out from the crowd is the opportunity to choose different servers, the fact that you won’t lose almost any speed and that you can watch the game without any issues.

Enjoy the matches broadcasted by BT Sport and their shows even when you are outside the Uk – choose zoogvpn.

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