Watch Downton Abbey outside UK

watch Downton Abbey outside UK on ITV Player

Watch Downton Abbey outside UK on ITV

ITV is the oldest commercial TV network in the United Kingdom. This TV network is known for many TV shows, but Downton Abbey is definitely one of their most popular ones.

Just like the famous film, this drama is filled with many intrigues and secrets of the British elite. It also lets the viewers to peak into the lives of famous butlers and maids. The story of this TV show, which managed to win the hearts of the audience in a really short period of time, is located on the property in Downton Abbey. Lord Crawley sees the meaning and mission in his life in the preservation of the estate. After the news that his first in line successor has lost his life on the Titanic, things start to get a little bit complicated. It turns out that his first cousin Matthew Crawley is the successor now (a famous lawyer from Manchester). Matthew and his mother agree to move to the estate and this is exactly the period when things become interesting. In order to make the things even more interesting, the representatives of the British elite are not the only characters.

The second part of the series, deals with the lives of the butlers and maids. They take part in the fate of Crawley’s family directly and indirectly. One of the most experienced British actresses Maggie Smith appears in the role of Violet – mother of lord Crawley. Picture Maggie, dressed in expensive robes and spilling sarcastic comments with any chance. The proud guardian of the estate, played by Hugh Bonneville is a loving father, an honest employer and devoted husband. He married a rich American against his will, but eventually they both fell in love with each other.

This show would not have been so exciting if it was set in some other historical period. The fact that the story of this drama is developing in the wake of the First World War is making it so interesting. Julian Fellowes has once again managed to create an incredible TV show. But yet, as much as the plot is interesting and often heartbreaking, the show’s quality and popularity is down to it’s actors. Many love intrigues that take place in both the upper and the lower class on the big estate are located in one of the most beautiful sets ever. Inside it’s beautiful walls, viewers can watch ladies dressed in immaculate toilets walking around.

downton-abbey-itv-playerHow to watch Downton Abbey outside UK

Downton Abbey is a TV show with 5 seasons so far and this TV show has won many awards. It currently has a rating of incredible 8.8 on IMDb. Unfortunately Downton Abbey on ITV Player is only available in UK. But yet, thanks to modern technology people all over the world can enjoy this beautiful drama.

The easiest and most convenient way to do this is to use a Virtual Private Network –VPN. With a reliable VPN provider like ZoogVPN, users can watch Downton Abbey from outside UK, no matter where they. This VPN provider, focused on unblocking restricted media such as TV and Music streaming sites in UK and in the US. Their i competitive service not only let’s users watch Downton Abbey outside UK, but also all the latest TV shows from the UK. Also, their services come with the usual features associated with VPN like security and privacy.

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