Watch Marco Polo on Netflix outside US

watch Marco Polo on Netflix outside USWatch Marco Polo on Netflix outside US

What is Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is a new TV show produced by Netflix and it is one of the most popular TV shows in 2014 according to many sources. This TV show has an excellent rating of 8.4 on IMDb and 91% of the audience participating on Rotten Tomatoes liked this TV show. As a result it comes as no surprise that many people around the world are looking for ways to watch Marco Polo on Netflix outside US.

Netflix is a well known brand when it comes to modern TV shows. They have received many awards for some of their most popular shows including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. People like to see unique stories, stunning choreography combined with popular and proven actors. Marco Polo has all of these things and much more so it is no surprise why this TV show is becoming popular all over the world.

This is a relatively new show and before it was aired for the first time on 12th December 2014, the media were speculating a lot about it. It was labeled as a possible rival of the currently most popular TV show (probably of all times) – Game of Thrones. There are only 10 episodes each year of GoT leaving people demanding to see something similar between the seasons. Judging by the first impressions of the audience Marco Polo TV show is much different compared to Game of Thrones. It has a completely different story based on the life of Marco Polo unlike the Game of Thrones which is completely based on fiction. But, it’s obvious that the market of historical drama with fantasy elements can never be saturated.

People knew that they can expect a good adventure from the moment the first trailer was released. “Marco, the blood of an adventurer courses through your veins” is the first line in that trailer. Netflix has followed the currently most popular formula in the world of TV shows – a lot of sex, blood, battles and adventures. Naturally, the main goal was to let the audience discover how Marco Polo became one of the most famous explorers in human history. Lorenzo Richelmy is a young actor who took the challenge and represents Marco Polo in this TV show. According to many viewers he did an excellent job. Benedict Wong – an actor, plays one of the main roles in the TV show and is known from TV shows and movies like Moon, Prometheus and Sunshine. In conclusion, Marco Polo is an excellent TV show with plenty of adventure, drama, action and a nice amount of fantasy!

unblock marco poloWatch Marco Polo on Netflix outside US with a VPN

How to sign up to Netflix to watch Marco Polo outside US?

To recap, this TV show is available through Netflix only in countries like US, UK and Canada. Luckily there is a way to watch Marco Polo on Netflix outside US, UK and Canada. The solution is simple – using a VPN. In case you didn’t know VPN is an abbreviation used for Virtual Private Network. Thanks to a reliable VPN service you can watch Marco Polo or any other TV show on Netflix available to US viewers from anywhere. There are many VPN providers, but only few provide reliable quality of service.

One VPN provider that is getting quite popular these days, thanks to their excellent service, is zoogvpn. They are offering two separate services – one for the US and one for UK. What makes ZoogVPN special is the fact that they specialize in unblocking restricted media streaming sites in the US and UK. Your geographical location doesn’t have to be a problem if you choose to use the services of zoogvpn. Also, the VPN comes with all the standard features including privacy and security while using the Internet. So, don’t delay sign-up today to start protecting your online activities and gain access to blocked streaming services like Netflix to watch Marco Polo outside US.

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