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Watch UFC with a VPN

How to Watch UFC With a VPN

In the US, every fight is covered by pay-per-view services and is available on UFC’s media partner Fox Sports. But, these services aren’t available to everyone, due to geo-restrictions. So, what can you do if you’re traveling abroad or live in a region where these services are unavailable? In this week’s Zlog, we’re going to talk about how you can watch all of the fights, anywhere in the world, with a VPN for UFC. Let’s get right into the action.

What to Look for in a VPN for UFC

If you’re looking to stream a one-off fight, you might think that just about any VPN service could do the trick, but this isn’t the case. Free VPN services and services with limited features won’t prove to be of any help, and can only cause more harm than good. We’ve talked before about how reliable VPN services must come with certain security and privacy features, but on this page, we’re also looking for some additional traits. Here’s what you should look for in a VPN for UFC:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth – This first feature is a given. You wouldn’t want your data to run out mid-fight so that you’re left with diminished and unusable network connection speed. That’s why it’s vitally important to opt-in for a VPN that offers you unlimited bandwidth.
  • Fast Connection Speed – If you’re looking to stream legally from reliable streaming services, you’re probably looking to do so in FullHD. To do so, you’ll need fast VPN network speed, so you don’t have any connection stutters or video lag when streaming.
  • Good Server Network – We’ve talked many times before how much a well-distributed network of servers means. Of course, while more servers aren’t always better, a good VPN for UFC should have just enough servers, so you’re always covered, regardless of your location or the region where the event is being held.

Why Do I Need a VPN for UFC?

UFC is a massive organization with a global reach. It hosts events in all corners of the globe, from the US and the UK to Australia and South Korea. This means that they often work within territories of different streaming services. And, these services are no strangers to blocking content outside their home region. This makes it hard for viewers to legally watch fights if they’re located in a different part of the world.

This is where a VPN for UFC comes in. By connecting to a server in a country of your choice, a VPN will assign you the IP from that country. This means that you can access any site that is available to viewers in that specific region. After that, just sign up with the streaming service you choose and enjoy the fight! Of course, that’s why it’s crucial to pick a VPN with quality, streaming-dedicated servers, to ensure you don’t have any connection drops or get blocked by the streaming service’s system while you watch UFC with a VPN.

Upcoming VPN Events

The UFC has created quite a lineup for 2020, starting with some very exciting fights in February. UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes is the first major event in the month. It will see two title fights. The champ Jon Jones will go against Dominic Reyes in the headliner. In the co-headliner, flyweight champion Valentina Schevchenko will face Katlyn Chookagian. Soon after that, UFC fans will be treated with fights such as Felder vs. Hooker and Zhang vs. Jedrzejczyk.

This is just a part of what the organization has planned for this year, without even mentioning the fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson in min-April. All in all, 2020 is a great year to be a UFC fan and the perfect time to start following this sport that keeps on growing year after year.

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