Watch Vikings online in Canada

Watch Vikings online in CanadaWatch Vikings online in Canada for free

We’re living in a modern world. There are many forms of entertainment that are readily available to the people. One of the best ways in which you can be entertained though, everyone would agree, would be to watch television shows. After the explosion of the art of movie making, movies and shows are virtually a synonym for modern entertainment. Millions upon millions of people enjoy watching movies and TV shows each and every day. And in this article we’ll check out the show called Vikings, and how to watch Vikings online in Canada.

What is Vikings?

Vikings is a new, extremely popular show. It premiered 3 march in 2013. It’s written and created by Michael Hirst. And as you might imagine, it’s about a Viking mythological hero. The hero is named Ragnar Lothbrock, and he’s one of the best known heroes in Norse mythology, known as the scourge of England and France. The setup of the show is as follows – Ragnar starts out as a poor farmer but he rises to fame because of a series of successful raids into England. In his raids he is supported by his family and his fellow warriors: his brother Rollo, his son Bjorn, and his wives Lagertha and Aslaug. Ragnar is a fearless warrior, and he embodies certain tradition of the Vikings, such as that of the devotion to gods. In fact, the legend goes that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the Norse god of war and warriors.

It’s a simple premise to be fair, but one that is immensely fun to watch, as attested by thousands upon thousands of faithful watchers of the show. The cast of the show is as follows: Ragnar Lothbrok is played by Travis Fimmel, Rollo is played by Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig plays Siggy, Gustaf Skarsgård plays Floki. This is a part of the principal cast, and though these aren’t stars in the classical Hollywood style, they all do a great job of being very convincing people of the Norse mythology.

Up to this day, there have been two seasons of the show airing on television. The first season was 9 episodes long, while the second was 10 episodes long. On 25 March 2014, the contract was renewed and the show was set to receive another 10 episode season. This season is scheduled to air on February 19, 2015, to the great expectation of many people worldwide.

The series received generally positive reception. It has been said that the show isn’t overly complicated, but that it relies on the appeal of the era of the Vikings, and of the characters to drive the story and make things interesting. The cast is one of the universally acclaimed aspect of the show, and critics share the opinion that the actors are extremely well picked so that they may act out their roles. This goes out especially for the leading role of Ragnar Lothbrok, played Travis Fimmel.

How to watch Vikings online in Canada or anywhere?

Now, many people won’t be able to watch this show because of geo-political restrictions. In order for you to watch Vikings online in Canada you can pay expensive fees to get access to the networks, or you can use the preferred method of the virtual private networks. A virtual private network or VPN is a virtual version of a physical network—a web of computers linked together to share files and other resources. This has its implications for many potential uses, making the VPN extremely useful in certain scenarios. It can be used for protecting your online identity, to connect securely to a remote network via the Internet, or, especially relevant for this article, to bypass the aforementioned geographical restrictions that exists with certain content.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a simple and genius solution that makes your device appear to have US identity by assigning it a US IP. This is done via a secure tunnel to a US based server and acts as an extension of your device, but only now this time with a new US identity. It’s like moving your device to US without actually physically moving it.

To put it shorty, you’ll be able to watch Vikings online in Canada if you only decided to use the services of a VPN provider. There are many VPN providers throughout the world, and most of them are legit. But we feel that we should recommend to you one VPN provider in particular, one that stands out with the consistent high quality service that it delivers to the customers. The provider we’d like to recommend to you is zoogvpn. You can check its official website online for more information on how you can sign up to VPN and the benefits you’ll acquire from the service.

With a premium VPN subscription you will gain access to US websites like to watch Vikings online in Canada or anywhere else outside US. So you will be able to watch the latest Vikings episodes for free from your location. At the time of writing, is offering free catch up of season 2 for free before the start of season 3 on 19th February 2015.

And that about sums it up. We’ve shared some information on the show Vikings and why you should definitely check it out, and we’ve mentioned how to effectively get past the geopolitical restrictions in order to watch Vikings online in Canada.

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