Are You Accidentally Exposing Private Data Online?

exposing private data online

 Don’t Expose Private Data Online

There is little doubt that modern technology and the invention of the Internet has made people’s lives a whole lot easier. It is now possible to do everything from paying your bills to doing your shopping from the comfort of your couch with just the swipe of a finger across a screen or the click of a mouse. It is even possible to watch TV and movies streamed directly from the Internet on sites like Netflix and Hulu using your subscription and VPN access with zoogvpn.

However, with this comfort and technology comes a price. Every time you order a service, pay a bill, or any other number of web related things, you put your private data online for hackers to try to acquire. It is extremely important not to make the mistakes listed below if you don’t want to accidentally expose your private data online. Read more...

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What Is “Right To Be Forgotten” and Google’s Stand?

google right to be forgotten

Google’s Stand on Right to Be Forgotten Laws

Have you heard about the privacy wars that are taking place throughout the world? Things are really heating up including in Europe where there are many governments working to gain access to some of the most private of information in an effort to curb terrorism, they say. For those who are in the U.K. or throughout Europe and wondering what is next, take into consideration Google. You know the company has the largest search engine provider. Google is known for its innovative services and really cool products, but you may also have heard about the “Right to be Forgotten.” If you have not heard of it yet, you likely will. You should know what it means to you personally. Read more...

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Where to Watch True Detective With VPN

true-detective-watch-onlineWatch True Detective Season 2 With VPN

The popularity of TV shows is constantly growing and many people prefer to watch a good TV show instead of a movie. Of course, there are good movies that are worth our attention too. In case you are looking for a TV show that provides twists, tension and thrills then you should definitely check one of the most popular US TV shows called True Detective. As the show has picked up steam, more people are curious about where to watch True Detective with VPN. All HBO shows, including True Detective, can be streamed with a premium subscription to HBO Now with the help of ZoogVPN to access HBO Now from outside of the U.S. Read more...

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FIFA Women’s World Cup – Stream It!


FIFA Women’s World Cup

There is something about the incredible thrill that comes into the air whenever there is a FIFA event taking place. You wake up that morning wondering what the outcome will be, planning the rest of your day around all that it can offer to you. But, what happens when you want to enjoy that type of entertainment but you cannot do so because the event is not available in your area? What if you want to be able to watch the event even though it happened two days ago? In some cases, you are limited and do not have standards access to such events. But, you can stream it on services like BBC iPlayer. When you use zoogvpn, you gain access to everything you want to see, but you are not limited by location, price, or even time. It makes viewing events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup far easier to do. Read more...

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What You Need to Know About U.S. and U.K Privacy Laws

privacy laws-US-UKWhat You Need to Know About U.S. and U.K. Privacy Laws

For most people living in the U.S. and U.K., privacy laws are important. It is important to protect some rights to privacy, but there are also instances in which these laws become limiting to the people they are supposed to protect. As a consumer, you need to know what your options are, what your rights are, and perhaps even more importantly, what you can expect in terms of changes in U.K. and U.S. laws. A good place to start is with the NSA laws.

U.S. NSA Laws

You may have heard about the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. He provided an incredible amount of information about the NSA, also known as the Freedom of Information Act. This law is supposed to ensure that there is ample access to important data from the government, but what we have learned is that there is a great deal of information that is protected. The law states that the law provides any person the right to request access to federal agency records. However, very little of this information is actually provided by the government and that is where the problem is. Read more...

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