ZoogVPN CEO interviewed by Porch.com

zoogvpn ceo interviewed by porch com

Our CEO Yaroslav Savenkov was recently asked for expert advice by the good people at Porch.com. He weighed in on a topic of tech literacy and how tech-savvy one should be to use VPN. We appreciate their taking the time to chat with us about technology and security. You can read the full article by the following link.

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Key points from the article

In 2023, software development now takes into consideration the user experience and the intuitiveness of the software. Every major tech company has a dedicated unit responsible for UI/UX design, with the sole purpose of ensuring a smooth interaction with the app.In today’s age, being tech-savvy is not a requirement, especially when it comes to using a VPN. Fortunately, the days of custom setups and tedious configurations are long gone. Now, all you need to do is download the app, log in, select the server you need, and you’re good to go.

Using modern VPN services is much easier than, for example, trying to figure out how to use a coffee machine for the first time. Most VPN services have designated servers for specific purposes, such as streaming or P2P, to avoid any confusion. Of course, if you’re familiar with various VPN protocols like IKEv2 or WireGuard and want to fine-tune your connection in regard to your demands, you’re more than welcome to fiddle with features and settings in the app. What makes a VPN service good VPN is the flexibility – the experience must be equally good for both tech-savvy users and total newbies.

The main takeaway is that it is not necessary for anyone to be tech-savvy just to enjoy the basic benefits that VPN services bring to the table, by offering you secure access to the Internet, access to streaming services that are unavailable in your location or simply to avoid Internet censorship we encounter more and more in our day-to-day lives. Click here to read the full article.

About ZoogVPN

We at ZoogVPN are a young team of professionals aiming for providing the best possible browsing and streaming experience for our customers at the best price on the market. For a number of years, we’ve been providing extremely secure and reliable VPN service whilst giving an option to have a free VPN without annoying advertisements and bloatware. In case you have any doubts, you can try our free VPN worth 10GB of monthly bandwidth, no credit card necessary. Even our free plan is protected by a military-grade encryption cipher, so you can browse and stream stress-free wherever you are. You can expect decent speeds and a variety of available servers, including London, Washington, Amsterdam, Berlin and Singapore.

If you feel like 10GB is not enough for your streaming appetite, you can always upgrade to our affordable premium plans to avoid censorship and stream content as much as you want.

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