How to Choose the Best ZoogVPN Price Plan For Your Online Activities

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What ZoogVPN Price Plan Best Suits Your Needs

You’re on the lookout for a new VPN service, and you’ve come across this page. This is great, because you’ve come to the right place! VPN services like ZoogVPN offer you a ton of benefits, but how do you decide which price plan is best suited for your budget and online activities? In this week’s Zlog, we will help you choose the best ZoogVPN price plan for your online needs so that you can enjoy unrestricted, uncensored and completely private internet.

What’s the best ZoogVPN Price Plan for Me?

At ZoogVPN, we offer a total of four subscription plans, three of which are based on a paid membership program and a free membership plan. The free subscription plan is a great way to test our services for an unlimited period without any hidden costs or fees. Of course, the free plan comes with limited bandwidth and P2P file sharing and a smaller number of supported VPN servers. When it comes to the paid subscription plans, you can choose between the 1-month, 6-month and 2-year plan. Unlike the free membership plan, the paid packages offer you unrestricted access to the BBC iPlayer, several versions of Netflix, ITV Hub and many other region-locked sites.

ZoogVPN Price Plan

As each of the three paid subscription plans offers the same level of service, you won’t go wrong no matter which option you decide to go with. Moreover, if you feel you need to change your subscription plan, or you’ve changed your mind about using ZoogVPN, each of the paid price packages comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Do you need a VPN service to stream, are you traveling abroad for a short period, or want to use the service for your daily business needs? Ultimately, it’s a subjective decision that completely depends on your needs and preferences.

Is ZoogVPN Safe?

As one of the most budget-friendly VPNs on the market, we wouldn’t fault you if you ask this question before considering signing up with ZoogVPN. This is why we want to take a moment and note that just because our service is one of the most affordable ones on the internet, it is by no means unsafe to use. When judging the safety and security of a VPN service, the two most important things you should look out for are:

  1. Jurisdiction – As a VPN service located outside of the 14-eyes partnership, ZoogVPN doesn’t put your safety and privacy into question. In the same breath, we also feature a warrant canary on our site, guaranteeing that we’ve never received any warrants or subpoenas from government jurisdictions.
  2. Logging Policy – When it comes to logging policies, it’s pretty straightforward. There are VPNs that log user activities and those that don’t. At ZoogVPN, we guarantee a zero log policy so that you can browse the internet in complete anonymity.

What Payment Methods Does ZoogVPN Accept?

How you pay for your VPN service is also one of the more important aspects of purchasing your VPN subscription. This is because certain payment methods provide you with higher levels of privacy than others. For example, if you’re paying with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can avoid sharing your personal information with the payment provider and therefore enjoy using VPN services completely anonymously.

As a VPN service that puts the safety and privacy of our users among the top priorities, we offer you the option of paying for your subscription with Bitcoin, PayPal, credit cards and many other payment methods popular all around the globe.

Can ZoogVPN Meet All of My Requirements?

With subscription plans like the ones we talked about above, it’s clear that ZoogVPN is one of the most affordable VPN services you can find on the internet. But, as we’ve also mentioned, ZoogVPN comes with all of the features you need when using VPN services daily. Unlimited and unrestricted internet access, a strong server network and military-grade encryption with a zero log policy all make ZoogVPN the best deal on the market.

No matter which of the paid subscription plans you decide to go with, you can rest assured knowing that you will enjoy maximum privacy and security while browsing the internet through ZoogVPN servers. If you want to find out more about all of the benefits our VPN service offers you or if you want to check out our subscription plans in more details, we recommend you visit the ZoogVPN pricing page.

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