How to Change Your Location Without a VPN?

how to change your location without vpn

Many users online wonder if they can change their virtual location without having to get an expensive VPN plan, in this article we’ll give you a quick rundown on all popular methods.

If you want to change your location without VPN, you have a few options. You can change your country without VPN using a few different options, including proxy servers and Tor browser.  You can also use a mobile hotspot or resort to a good ol’ VPN service if you’re looking for the overall best solution. Here’s how you spoof your location without VPN:

Proxy Servers

Proxies are the most commonly used method to access websites and services from another country. They act as a middle man between your computer and the internet, routing your requests through their server. This makes it more difficult for your Internet Service Provider to track your online activity, giving you piece of mind while browsing. However, proxy servers can be slow and unreliable. Proxies also do not encrypt your data, so your information can still be accessed by third parties. ISPs can still see the requests you are making and can track your online activity.


Tor is a free browser that can be used to access both regular websites and darknet. It works by routing traffic through a network of nodes and encrypting it every step of the way, ensuring that no third party can track and trace users. It is a great free tool for changing your virtual location, however, it is extremely slow when it comes to connecting and loading webpages. Besides, it can cause some questions among law enforcement as Tor is heavily utilized to buy and sell illegal goods. We recommend avoiding Tor for your casual social media sessions.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks (VPNs) provide the most secure way to change your location without a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data so that it cannot be intercepted by third parties. It also masks your IP address so that your location cannot be tracked by your ISP. Additionally, a VPN can provide access to geo-blocked websites and services, allowing you to access content from around the world. The obvious advantage VPN has over any existing method of changing your location is the level of security VPN provides, reducing risks of being hacked, monitored and surveilled. Besides, a good VPN service can unblock streaming services from different countries in a matter of seconds, just by securely rerouting your traffic to a server located in a country you’re trying to connect to.

How to change your phone location without VPN?

Unfortunately, changing your phone’s location without VPN is virtually impossible, due to your smartphone’s location being determined by GPS or by your IP address, both of which can be altered with a VPN. You can use Tor browser on your smartphone, however, the connection speed will be significantly reduced. Otherwise, you can use Proxy on your smartphone, but the quality of connection may be underwhelming, and Proxy servers do not encrypt your connection, meaning that your real location may be revealed.

How to trick Netflix location without VPN?

The only viable option for unlocking Netflix without a proper VPN service is a SOCKS5 Proxy, provided to you by ZoogVPN. Compared to other proxies, SOCKS5 offers great safety features and authentication that removes a lot of security concerns. The main advantage of SOCKS5 is speed. SOCKS5 proxy is really fast and reliable because it transfers smaller data packets. It is a good solution for unblocking Netflix and other streaming services. However, nothing beats a VPN with WireGuard protocol, which offers great speeds with secure connection, so that your binge sessions won’t be ever interrupted. Check out our streaming VPN service for Netflix.


Overall, a Virtual Private Network is hands down the best way to change your location. It provides the highest level of security and privacy, while also offering access to geo-blocked content. However, if you are only looking to avoid censorship or access certain websites, a proxy server might do the trick. The thing is, many users are unlikely to get a VPN service due to them being too expensive or having shady reputation. Those Google Chrome extensions barely work properly, and the premium ones ask you your credit card information if you want to try a free trial. We at ZoogVPN provide a 100% FREE VPN without any credit card information requirements, just sign up, download the app for your device and enjoy your free VPN. It offers the same variety of security features and provides you with five different locations around the world, including London, Washington, Amsterdam, Berlin and Singapore. Get our free VPN now!

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