How to screen record on PC?

how to screen record on pc

Many of us find ourselves wanting to screen grab a cool moment on our Windows PCs and laptops, but we have no idea on how to do it. I imagine having a giant Bandicam logo all over your sick multi-kill in-game footage might not look so good on your Instagram, even though we all appreciate the good ol’ trustworthy application for all those old YouTube videos, especially video game montages accompanied by the YouTube anthem. You may want to prove your boss that you’re doing the work by recording a heartfelt presentation or screen grab a call with your loved ones. Today we will give you a few tips on how to do so without too many efforts, and thankfully to a simple yet brilliant little tweak in Windows 11 you can screen record videos extremely easy.

How to screen record in Windows 10?

Microsoft Game Bar comes first to mind when it comes to screen recording your sick outplays and favorite moments from the game, but the thing is that Game Bar can be used virtually everywhere. It is available on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and comes preinstalled with your operating system, which liberates you from downloading third-party apps to screen record a small clip. Microsoft Game Bar can capture everything on your screen and then save it in a form of MP4 video, which you can share or edit later.

Here’s how you screen record using Microsoft Game Bar:

  • Press Win+G combination on your keyboard OR alternatively press Start and then scroll down the app drawer down to Xbox Game Bar and click on its icon
  • Once opened, click on a Camera icon called Capture
  • You’ll have an option of capturing a screenshot or to capture a video. Press Start recording or a Win+Alt+R combination to start recording. You can also turn on the mic while recording by pressing on the Microphone icon on the right.
  • Once you’re done, press Stop recording to end your video
  • You can now access all of your captures by clicking See my captures below and Open file location if you need to edit or send the video to your friends

This is by far the most simple way of screen recording a video in Windows 10. Try it out sometimes

How to screen record in Windows 11?

Aside from using the trusty Microsoft Game Bar we’ve reviewed above, you can screen record your activity with the Snipping Tool in Windows 11. You should be running a 22621.1344 Windows version or higher to be able to access this method. If you have the latest Windows 11 update, you should be able to screen capture with Snipping Tool in no time. Here’s how you do it:

  • Launch the app you want to screen capture and then open the Snipping Tool by finding it in a Start menu.
  • Click on the Camera icon and then click the +New button
  • Select the area you want to record and click Start in the Snipping Tool interface.
  • Once you’re finished, click on the Stop button. You can now share your video or save it as an MP4 video.
  • The destination folder of the videos you’ve recorded can be selected by you

Thanks to this new update from Microsoft, screen recording in Windows 11 is now even more convenient than before. Snapping Tool is the best background screen recorder Windows could offer.

Why isn’t my screen recording working?

Many users wonder why isn’t my screen recording working, and there aren’t that many reasons. Native Windows apps like Xbox Game Bar and Snapping Tool should be working perfectly fine as long as you have an official Windows OS running on your computer or laptop. Some pirated builds of Windows operating system may corrupt default apps and may be the reason for the apps not working properly.  If your Xbox Game Bar doesn’t start with a Win+G combination, then press Start>Settings>Gaming>Xbox Game Bar and make sure Enable Xbox Game Bar for things like recording game clips, chatting with friends, and receiving game invite is set to On. The other reason why screen recording not working is because you didn’t give the app permissions to do so. Find the Microphone and check if it is enabled.


You can always use Xbox Game Bar or Snapping Tool as a background screen recorder Windows provide you with out-of-the-box. Both are extremely easy-to-use apps and can operate on any Windows 10 and Windows 11 device as long as you have free disk space to save your videos. These are 100% free services that won’t charge you anything, unlike many competitors, giving you certain limitations when screen capturing. Also, we strongly advise against using free screen recording services from unknown vendors, as they possibly can use your personal information for profit or even spread malware. If you want to know how to protect yourself from all kinds of Internet threats, you can read here.

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