How to use Claude AI chatbot outside the US and the UK?

how to unblock claude ai

Anthropic, a tech company focused on artificial intelligence, released the latest version of their chatbot Claude 2, sparking interest from enthusiasts all over the world. The fundamental difference between Claude 2 and OpenAI’s ChatGPT lies in a gigantic 100k input for each prompt, allowing users to analyze huge bulks of text or data in a short period of time, and advanced language skills, as Claude 2 can operate freely, generate prompts, and create summaries in many languages as opposed to ChatGPT. Also, Claude AI is good for writing code, having scored 71.2% on a Python coding test. While we hear the news that OpenAI’s chatbot is getting progressively dumber, Claude AI might be a good alternative for those who require AI companion for their line of work, studies, or entertainment purposes. In this article, we will explain how to access Claude 2 from anywhere in the world with a VPN.

Where can I use Claude 2?

Unfortunately, Claude 2 is only available in the United States and in the UK right now. It is obvious that Anthropic is aiming to share its creation with users from all over the world, but due to safety risks and concerns, Claude is only available for users in the UK and the US. However, considering that Claude AI provides more natural conversations and a hefty number of benefits, you should consider unblocking it even if you’re located outside the US and the UK.

Why is Claude 2 available only in the UK and the US?

A few months earlier, we covered a temporary ban on ChatGPT by the Italian government due to the supposed unethical use of information. Center for AI and Digital Policy published a complaint stating that OpenAI’s model fails to comply with the standards laid out by FTC, urging OpenAI to halt the further development of ChatGPT. The report says that the chatbot is “biased, deceptive, and a risk to privacy and public safety.” That’s where the concerns for the AI usage began in Europe, and it’s not without a reason. For example, a recent study showed that ChatGPT tends to be significantly left-wing biased, which means that it follows some sort of agenda and is influenced by OpenAI.

How to sing up for Claude AI?

In order to access and unblock Claude 2 from anywhere, you have to get a VPN service with servers located in the US or in the UK. Aside from that, you’ll need an SMS confirmation code from a US-based number. Luckily for you, there are many services providing SMS verification like Hushed, TextNow, Textfree etc. Here’s the algorithm on how to unblock Claude 2 from anywhere:

  • Subscribe for one of our premium plans or get a free plan worth 10 GB of monthly bandwidth and get the ZoogVPN app on your device
  • Launch the app, sign in using your credentials
  • In app, select a server located in the US or the UK (both premium and free plan have servers in said locations)
  • Click Connect to establish connection with a server
  • Go to Claude website in your browser
  • Start the registration via your email address or your Gmail account
  • Once you’ll receive a temporary code, you can type your details, confirm your age and read the Terms
  • When asked for a UK/US phone number, use one of the SMS verification services like Hushed, TextNow, Textfree in order to confirm your account
  • Use your Claude AI login and password to sign the next time you use the chatbot
  • Now you can input your prompts and use Claude 2!

Important note. We advise using a credible VPN service like ZoogVPN so that you’re not putting your personal information at risk. Many so-called free VPN services have little-to-no security features, and some of them go as far as collecting your personal data for their benefit by selling it to third parties and advertisers. ZoogVPN operates with strirct No-Logs policy, meaning that we don’t collect your personal information and Internet history, hence, we don’t give it to someone else. Aside from that, even our free VPN plan offers a strong 128-bit encryption cipher to all users, making it impossible for bad actors to access your info and data.

How to use Claude AI?

In order to use AI Claude 2 chatbot, simply input your prompts. Type in any question on your mind in the box and click Start a new chat in order to initiate the conversation. Don’t forget that Claude 2 can analyze huge prompts, so that you can look through every detail and be as precise as you need.

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