What is ChatPDF and how to use it?

what is chatpdf and how to use it

Do you find yourself having to do tons of homework in one night, or studying a huge document sent by the boss on a short notice? Completing a big scientific paper or a novel can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you don’t have much time or desire to do so. Not to worry, with the latest AI craze there’s now a very useful tool for these occasions in a form of AI Chatbot. This utility is called ChatPDF, and it can analyze and tell you everything you need to know about the PDF file you upload. Let’s find out what it is and how to use it in today’s ZoogVPN blog post.

What is ChatPDF?

Essentially, ChatPDF is if you were to make ChatPDF summarize PDF, that’s it. ChatPDF is an artificial intelligence-based tool that provdes users with a way to interact with their PDF files as if the information in these files was processed by a human being. The way it works is by analyzing the provided PDF file to give a summary or extract the necessary information. You can use it on virtually everything – from textbooks, research papers, legal documents, manuals to essays, receipts and contracts. ChatPDF can write a summary on your book or give you a brief biography of the main character, the possibilities are limitless. You can access ChatPDF by the following link.

How to use ChatPDF?

ChatPDF is extermely simple even for non-tech-savvy users, because you only have to upload your document and ChatPDF does the rest. Here’s how to use this utility:

  • Open the ChatPDF website by this link
  • Click on the ‘Drop PDF here button’
  • Select the PDF file you need to analyze
  • Once ChatPDF analyzes your file, you will be greeted with a ChatGPT-like interface
  • Now you can ask questions about the contents of your file or ask some of the proposed questions you’ll be provided with

Even though the price model is free, you are limited to 3 uploads per day capped to 120 pages per document, so keep that in mind. If this volume is not sufficient for your needs, then ChatPDF offers a $5/month premium plan which upgrades from 3 daily 120 page PDF files no more than 10MB to 50 daily 32MB PDF files with a limit of 2000 pages each.

Can ChatGPT read PDF?

People have been asking a lot recently: “Can you upload files to chat gpt?”, “Can chatbot read PDFs?” or “Can ChatGPT read PDF?” and the answer is no. Well, technically you can, but this process is quite tedious, if we’re being honest. However, with the rollout of the ChatPDF, you don’t have to worry about it, as the process of getting the necessary information from any document becomes way easier, instead of trying to get ChatGPT to summarize or analyze your PDF file. If you insist on using ChatGPT, then here’s what you can do:

  • Copy the information from the PDF file to ChatGPT
    The easiest way of making ChatGPT to analyze your document is by selecting and copying the necessary information in your document and then pasting it. If you are unable to copy the information in a PDF file, you can convert your PDF file using online services or by using MS Office and other text editors on your computer and then pasting it alongside your request in ChatGPT.
  • Provide ChatGPT with a link to your PDF file
    If you don’t want to fiddle with your PDF file, you can just provide ChatGPT with a link to your document and ask what needs to be done with it, that’ll do the trick.

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