ZoogVPN Review by WebsiteRadar

zoogvpn review by websiteradar

We are thankful to WebsiteRadar for reviewing our service and providing us with thoughtful insight on how to improve. We’ve provided our readers with some key points from the review, but you can always read the full-length review by the following link.

Key points from ZoogVPN Review

WebsiteRadar made a comprehensive review of the services we provide, and here are some key points we’ve noted:

ZoogVPN has servers located all over the world. It provides over 1000 IP addresses in 41 countries. Thanks to this structure, users can enjoy significant geographical flexibility and the chance to bypass geographical restrictions not only when unlocking sports broadcasts.

Indeed, our server base is constantly growing so that any user can find the necessary location they need to access. With the growing number of streaming services, gaming launchers, subscription-based sports services, it is crucial for a VPN service to have numerous servers around the world. At ZoogVPN, we don’t just focus on a number of servers, but we also pay huge attention to their quality, how many websites they can unblock and what streaming services our users can access by connecting to said servers.

Online players will certainly be interested in the fact that ZoogVPN has a lower average latency (ping 144.2 ms) compared to larger VPN networks, such as Private Internet Access (average ping 157.2 ms) or Express VPN (average ping 182.4 ms).

Oh yes, we take pride in our gaming capabilities, since some of our team members are hardcore gamers themselves. We’ve all been there when the hotel Wi-Fi with terrible ping gives you headache and stands in a way of your penta or ace, so that’s why we’ve made sure that our servers are optimized for online gaming as well.

We have a couple of guides on how to play with our VPN, so make sure to check out the blog posts on PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile, League of Legends and we’re going to cover many more games soon, so stay tuned.

In terms of security, ZoogVPN is on par with the best services on the market. ZoogVPN uses strong encryption, ensuring that data remains safe and protected from prying eyes. Moreover, the provider claims that they do not keep activity logs of their users, which is a key factor for many users deciding to use a VPN network.

We’ve always prioritized security, that’s why we operate outside the 9 Eyes jurisdiction, where no authority can harass our customers and demand their private information. Our No-Logs policy is a huge advantage over many competitors who operate in the “affordable niche”, since we never collect your personal data for our commercial gain. Some of our competitors have been caught red-handed, outright selling their clients’ browsing and personal information to advertisers, and that’s not how a VPN service should operate.

ZoogVPN utilizes the strongest encryption cipher so that no one can access your session. Our clients’ privacy is our top priority.

In many countries with strict internet censorship, VPN traffic can be easily detected and blocked by technologies such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). ZoogVPN addresses this challenge through ZoogShadowing, which disguises VPN traffic to appear as regular HTTPS traffic. This allows ZoogVPN users to have smooth internet access even in countries such as China, Russia, and Qatar.  

In these strange times, there’s a call for freedom of speech coming from various parts of the world. Some of our team is located in war-torn Ukraine, which makes our mission even more important. Many VPN services are not available in countries with strong censorship, but our ZoogShadowing feature is a key to unblocking free Internet from virtually anywhere. Some people need to connect with their loved ones, some want to find out what’s happening in the world outside of their bubble, and we’re here for all of them.

About us

Once again, we are grateful to WebsiteRadar for taking their time to comprehensively review our service. If you’re interested in securing your browsing experience or you just simply want to access a few streaming services, you can always count on us. ZoogVPN offers safe and fast connection to the Internet without any compromises.

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