ZoogVPN announces the addition of a Mumbai VPN server

Mumbai server ZoogVPN

We are glad to announce the newest addition to our server list, introducing Mumbai VPN server across all platforms, available right now exclusively on ZoogVPN. Our team has a history of supporting and providing Indian customers with quality services for a number of years now. Aside from giving unrestricted access to streaming services and social networks unavailable in India, we also have a dedicated server fine-tuned for streaming content, located in Pune. Now we’re finally announcing a brand-new location in Mumbai, the biggest city of India.

If you need your traffic to appear as if you are located in India, there is no better way of circumventing various restrictions than getting a reliable VPN service, like the one we provide. A good VPN service should have a vast server base around the world for every occasion, especially if you are an avid traveler, finding yourself a little too often connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés and airports. If you are currently located somewhere outside of India, but feel homesick and want to stream your favorite Indian shows, simply connect to one of our Indian servers and you’re good to go!

Is Mumbai VPN free of charge?

Mumbai VPN comes at no additional cost for all of our premium users. All you need to do is just launch your app once it receives the latest update, then select the Mumbai – IN server, and click ‘Connect’ so that you can stream Disney Hotstar+, Netflix with exclusive Indian library, Jio Cinema, Alt Balaji and other OTT platforms in no time. The Mumbai VPN server is a great addition to our Pune VPN server in case you need a more specific location in India to access.

We’ve covered a few topics regarding India and the Internet censorship in the country. You may have read our articles about the process of unblocking PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India, about how to catch the latest IPL games,  about the security measures and what information can be accessed by Indian government and about how to get rid of censorship in India at any time. This time we’re not only improving our existing server base with faster protocols and security features, but also provide new locations for Indian people all over the world, who may need to connect to a server located in Mumbai in order to stream Indian content without any restrictions.

Make sure you check out our server located in Pune as well 

Is VPN legal in India?

VPN is completely legal in India. There are no laws that prohibit VPN usage, but some VPNs might be not safe and leak your data to third-parties or even government. Nonetheless, a good VPN service should have a strict No Logs policy, meaning that the company pledges not to store, use or transfer to anyone your Internet session logs, including your browsing history and any information tracing back to you. ZoogVPN is a strong proponent of Internet privacy, which is why we’ve implemented a No Logs policy since the beginning of our company. If you’re worried about your traffic being intercepted or stored somewhere, ZoogVPN is the safest choice on the market.

About ZoogVPN

ZoogVPN is a popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides excellent privacy protection and is an excellent choice for hiding your internet history from internet providers. ZoogVPN uses strong encryption protocols to ensure that your data is secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties. Additionally, ZoogVPN does not keep any logs of your internet activity, ensuring that your online privacy is protected. ZoogVPN has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It also has fast connection speeds, allowing you to browse the internet quickly and efficiently. Overall, ZoogVPN is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality VPN to protect their online privacy and hide their internet history from prying eyes.

Besides, if you are located in a country with highly restricted access to Internet, you can use our VPN to unblock streaming services, news outlets, social media and adult content in a matter of seconds. By clicking this link, you can check out the list of streaming services that can be unblocked with our VPN service.  ZoogVPN utilizes obfuscation feature for countries with heavy censorship and where certain content can’t be accessed, making it easy for users to enjoy free and unrestricted access to Internet. You can benefit from our Mumbai VPN today, unblocking Indian content and accessing local website unavailable in your location. Even though we don’t offer Mumbai VPN free of charge, our 100% free VPN is suitable for most tasks, even some light streaming. You can check out our Free VPN plan by this link. Don’t waste any more time and get the best VPN for Mumbai now!

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