Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Zoog VPN?

A Zoog Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a networking technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network such as the Internet enabling you to stay private on the net and provides you with your chosen server's IP address. Zoog VPN connection is an attractive solution for anyone concerned about protecting their personal data, secure browsing, privacy and bypassing geographical censorships. Finally, subscribing to premium Zoog VPN service allows you to stay connected to your favorite online TV services wherever you are in the world. So say goodbye to the annoying 'Currently this content is not available in your area' message and say hello to Zoog VPN!

In summray here are the top VPN benefits:

- Blazing fast, dedicated and handpicked servers.
- Multiple IP switching across global VPN network.
- HD quality streaming of online TV and music services.
- Unlimited streaming of US, UK and other online TV and radio services.
- Additional layer of security when browsing the Internet.
- Full anonymity while browsing the Internet.
- Over a dozen of VPN gateway locations in 7+ countries & growing.
- Bypass geographical censorships and content filters.

For more details please visit features page.

Absolutely! Zoog VPN and it's services are 100% legal to the full extent of VPN services provision. Zoog VPN is not to be confused with a proxy solution, DNS or any other alternative. We simply provide a secure tunnel to our VPN servers from where our clients gain access to websites that otherwise may not be available in some countries while ensuring total security, speed and anonymity over an Internet connection.

Not at all! Unlike our competitors, we give our clients complete privacy of their online activities by having a zero logs policy.

How does Zoog VPN work?

When you sign up for a Zoog VPN account you will be able to download and install Zoog VPN client for your device with a few simple instructions. Once you're up and running you will be able to connect to your chosen VPN server (we recommend choosing a server closer to your location, if available). The connection is established with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server granting you the identity of the server country. After a quick and easy setup your device will appear to outside world as residing in your chosen server's country giving you full access to online services, your connection will be fully encrypted with military-grade encryption making it fully secure and you will be able to browse the Internet fully anonymously while protecting your real identity.

The Free Zoog VPN Plan is free for life with limited data allowance, limited number of VPN servers and one simultaneously connected device. For full list of server locations and the activities permitted on each server please visit vpn network page. The plan is perfect for anyone looking to use the VPN service for online privacy and security or someone looking to try out our VPN service before upgrading to one of our low cost premium plans. However, for a fuller and unlimited VPN experience we strongly recommend upgrading to one of the fantastic premium price plans. A premium subscription includes unlimited data usage, 5 simultanious device VPN connections and all VPN servers (Global VPN Plan), all for a tiny price!

If you're on a Free Plan and you've exceed your monthly data usage allowance, you will have an option to upgrade at any time in order to continue to enjoy uninterrupted Zoog VPN service. A purchase of a premium price plan by default is recurring for your convenience with an option for a one-off payment, upon which, you're instantly granted full premium service access with unlimited data, unlimited speed, all server locations and more simultaneous device connections. Similarly, if you're not on recurring billing, you will have an option to renew your existing subscription at any time.

No. The prices stipulated on each price plan refer only to the cost of the VPN service. Zoog VPN is not in any way affiliated with online streaming services, social media services or any other online service.

Zoog supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. With quick and easy installation we'll have you up and running in minutes on your chosen device including iPhone, iPad and Android ensuring that you're always connected to your favorite online streaming services. We even support Linux, Apple TV, Routers and other devices with easy to follow setup wizard.

How to access US & UK TV streaming services from abroad with Zoog VPN?

Instantly! As soon as you sign up for Zoog VPN account your subscription becomes immediately active so you can start watching your favourite UK and US TV online on BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu or access free music streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify. Of course you can also access streaming services for other countries on our VPN Network.

Simply put it - all online TV streaming services offered by the VPN server country! New media is being made available on the Internet every day - please visit services page for the one stop directory of online streaming services.

Totally! With exception of a Free Plan. Unlike our competitors, we pride our selves on providing our clients with guaranteed unlimited bandwidth and data transfer for the entire duration of a valid premium plan subscription. Please see our Terms of Service for the prohibited types of online activities.

Prior to connecting to VPN, a minimum of 2.5 Mbps is required to be able to stream online media content. We strongly recommend at least 5 Mbps for high quality streaming with at least 7 Mbps for HD streaming. The recommended Internet speed requirements take into account a small drop (about 20%) of speed while connected to VPN allocated for encryption through the VPN tunnel and the distance from VPN server.

What's under the hood?

To login into 'Account' area you must first register and subsequently verify your email. Once registered please check your email including your spam folder for verification email to activate your account. You can also find your login details in the verification email which you will need to login. You can re-send your verification email by clicking here. If you still experience difficulties with login process please contact support by visiting Support Center.

You can change your password on the profile page by clicking on 'Profile' tab in your account area. To do that you must be logged in into your account. Once changed your password will be updated across all Zoog VPN network, so you must ensure that the new password is used when connecting to Zoog VPN. If you still experience difficulties with changing your password please contact support by visiting Support Center.

If you are on Windows clear the cookies and browsing data.

1. Locate browsing "History" through browser "Settings" or separately.
2. Clear all histroy and cookies by clicking on "Clear browsing data" or similar.
3. Restart your PC and connect to relevant VPN server to access your content.

Alternatively you can clear you cache by clicking here.

If you are using Mac try turning off the location services.

For Safari 5 only (Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6, or Microsoft Windows):

1. With Safari running, choose Preferences from the Safari menu.
2. Click the Security tab.
3. Deselect the "Allow websites to ask for location information" checkbox.

For Mac OS X v10.6:

1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
2. From the View menu, choose Security.
3. Click the General tab.
4. If the icon in the lower-left corner is locked, click it to authenticate with your admin password (to unlock the Security pane).
5. Click the "Disable Location Services" checkbox.

You may experience some loss of streaming quality when using Internet Explorer or a close relative. It is recommended that you try an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or other when experiencing this.

To test for DNS leak, please visit You should not see any DNS servers from your ISP and only VPN provider's DNS information should be visible. If any DNS IP informaiton is not from the VPN provider, then you have a DNS leak. To fix the DNS leak please visit

To test for IPV6 leak, please visit If it says 'No IPv6 connectivity', then you're fine! Your IPv6 traffic is not leaking. Otherwise, consider disabling it on your device as follows:

1. Windows:

2. Mac: